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The company was founded in Kashgar, Xinjiang, in 2005. From the initial 35 kV and below voltage level project, the company gradually increased to 500 kv, and the annual contract amount was from several million yuan to several hundred million yuan now. The installation scope of the traditional transmission and transformation project was developed into design, construction, project management, consultation, new energy development, NEW energy project, project general contracting and other projects related to electric power projects. In 2009, with the continuous development and expansion of the company and the development of business areas, the company headquarters moved to Urumqi. In recent years, with the expansion of the company's projects outside Xinjiang and abroad, the market scale has expanded rapidly, and the market share has been rising. Faced with the new market situation, in order to meet the needs of the company's rapid and stable development, in 2017, the company in Xi READ MORE

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